Lorestan Technology Tower

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About the project
The concept of the Lorestan Technology Tower is taken from the local wind charts.The project design started from February 2023 and the project implementation started from August 2023.The users of this tower are knowledge-based companies and startups.Floor plans are freely designed.Characteristics of the tower
Wind tower in the central core — use of data center floor heating — GFRC material on the facade — completely diverse perspectives.

Lorestan Science & Technology Park, University of Lorestan, Khoramabad, Lorestan, Iran

Project design year

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Applicant and author of the project
Seyed Reza Razzaz, innovative architect, augmented architect and metaverse architect. «I have a history of designing and implementing more than 50 thousand square meters of buildings.»

Lorestan Science & Technology Park

Status of the project
Under construction