Louis XIV Style Villa Interior Design

Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art

About the project
In the existing villa, the client wanted an interior design in that style, so this proposal pleased him greatly. In the already defined area, this entirely French design with Arabic touches was well integrated into the details and finishes, creating the effect of grandeur and elegance, as well as simplicity and harmony in each of the areas.

Doha, Al Luqta, Qatar

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Additional information

Applicant and author of the project
Juan Miguel Ramirez, Design Manager, TEKNE. «I am a dynamic, creative and pro-active architect with more of twenty-five years experience in different kinds of projects and constructions. My attention to detail and excellent problem-solving skills ensure that every design project I work on is done accurately and to the highest possible standard. My knowledge of design and architecture history skills and positive attitude make me an effective communicator with all clients I work, to achieve the best in design.»

Other participants
SOE, Kohler, TEKNE Q lighting and Design division