Lucky Star

Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

About the project
Lucky Star is a chain of American-Mexican restaurants in Vologda, Velikiy Novgorod, and Syktyvkar. The designers did a great job – the interior design, the naming concept, the logo, and the brand style with all the essential elements, including the menus, the uniform, the merchandize, and many more. After the restaurants were operated for 10 years, they also made some rebranding.

The visual identity of Lucky Star refers to the American diners from the 1970-80s. Here goes the red and blue color palette, and the branding pattern in general.

The ground floor comprises an open kitchen, a brutal smoker, the prairies of Texas, muscle cars, and the mirror ceilings. The 1st floor is designed as a classical Americal restaurant. It is decorated with a ceramic tiling panel of 27 m² – Hitchcock at the Derby, handmade by Evgeny Leonov.

Marmelad Shopping and Leisure Center, Vologda, Russia

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Applicants and authors of the project
Evgeny Leonov and LE'STUDIO

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