Lyons Hall in the Catherine Palace – Restoration

Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
In 2021, the hall that once rivaled the Amber Room in beauty opened its doors to visitors in the Catherina Palace. Designed by Charles Cameron in 1783 on the order of Catherine II, its walls were covered with silk tapestries from the Lyons manufacturing works, which gave the hall its name. During the Great Patriotic War the ornamental finish was totally destroyed – however, panel parquet pieces survived. They were discovered in Berlin in 1947 and returned home.
The restoration project included replication of wall silk, renewal of lazurite panels, door frames, mirror frames with console tables, fireplaces, and a remarkable chandelier, along with reconstruction of original parquet and lazurite furniture.

9A, Sadovaya Street, Pushkin, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Tsarskoye Selo Museum Reserve

Authors of the project
Initially developed by RESTAVRATOR Research and Production Company (architect A. Kedrinsky) in 1983, the project was revised in 2006 through 2007 by Lenproektrestavratsiya Company.