M.S. Commercial

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
This commercial project with 1285 sq.m was designed to be built in one of the most important streets in the city.
So we have had to study the mass entrances and finishing, to create an attractive architectural building in this important area, the result of this study has reflected in a smooth and flexible mass that attracts people through its white curved corner, which has linked with two long stripes extended towards both directions of the streets, Where this solid composition has reflected in the first and third floor.
In between those two solid compositions, transparent glass surfaces have been created to simulate the function of the project and provide a deep impression to the mid-floor, which its edges have taken curved lines goes in and out, to create a unique commercial display.
We used solid (White), void (Glass), and wooden ribs, to get the final result.
This building has three retail floors (basement,ground,and first),coffee shop (third floor), an apartment on the fourth floor.

Tripoli, Libya

Project design year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Alsahem for architecture and engineering.
Founded as office work in the field of engineering includes: Architecture, Studies, supervise the implementation of a project and reviewing and assessment of the design carried out by qualified national technical staff who are capable of innovation.
In 2009 Developed due to its multi-business and expansion of its field to be an engineering firm specialized in architecture & engineering studies under the name of: ALSAHEM for Engineering and Architecture Company.
Architect Mohamed Ghrera

Other participants
Drafted by: Arch. Noha El-Saadi
Render presentation by: Ana Shnitti