Madrid Contemporary Library

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About the project
As we studied the site, we concluded the programs could be best subdivide into 3 submerged
volumes. One to the South, two to the north to subdivide the east and west sectors of the site.
The structures each sitting at varied heights, to extenuate vertical spatial conditions and the
major north and south axis that is highlighted by the series of frames.
The library engages the street level, inviting the public to inhabit the plazas on the roof and
excavated ground area; for congregating, reading, and wondering. The rooftop plaza space is
framed by large steel post and lintels structures, that create a unique public experience
complete with planters, skylights and walkways that are anchored to the buildings via large steel
frames that create pergolas for resting under, dictating circulation and creating colonnades. The
spatial frames and sky lights allow for visual connections with the levels below, while also
engaging the urban fabric.

Plaza de Villa, Madrid, Spain

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Applicants and authors of the project
Ramses Terrero and Christopher Crocitto.
Ramses Terrero is the Founder and Creative Director of Studio Nobody LLC, a multidisciplinary Design Studio. He serves as on Adjunct Professor of Florida International University's School of Architecture teaching Design Studio and Graphics for Architects.
Christopher Crocitto is the Founder & Editor in Chief of Clique.The.Mag, a Multi-Media & Design Platform.