Malek Cheshmeh Therm

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
In the design process, the current gathering spaces (a rocky bench at the entrance of the site) and also the foggy atmosphere of Pardeme on most days of the year played huge roles. According to the function of the project as a gathering space, two attraction points which are the therm and the current rocky bench, have been used properly; By involving these two features, a pure shell is taken place in the project and a new gathering environment is created by leveling the primary surface.A challenging situation was how we could connect the outdoor fog with the interior of the therm.The designed form, by developing light-catching opening and old ventilation, became a unique space that gives new experiences to its users by bringing the fog into the therm; Consequently, it creates paradoxical feelings by combining the hot (bath) and cold (cold) air in one certain space which also shows its cycle by the perspiration on the glasses.

Larijan, Amol, Mazandarn, Iran

Project design year

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Ghasem Navaei founded his JAJ office in 2017. He designed various projects with different utilizations such as villaS, residental, apartments, commercial.

Author of the project
Ghasem Navaei

Status of the project
Conceptual design