Marques da Silva House

Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
The original project was built as a part of an urban intervention in the city of Porto, the opening of a new street — Rua Álvares Cabral — during the 19th century. The building was designed to be part of an ensemble, which was meant to be uniform and austere, something evident in its main facade. With that in mind our intervention strived to respect not only the structure and geometry of the original building, but also of the whole ensemble. The rehabilitation focused on restoring the original ceilings, windows and doors, with few alterations, such as the addition of a skylight in the stairwell, a pool in the garden and the restructuring of the interior spaces as to make them fit for a home of the 21st century. Our main focus was to bring a cohesive and non-invasive project that would bring the building a greater efficiency and comfort. This way the materials chosen look to compliment the original features of the building, respecting its past and bringing it to life.

Rua de Álvares Cabral 103, Porto, Portugal

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Applicant and authors of the project
Franca Arquitectura.
Portuguese architectural studio located in Porto. Founded in 1999, it holds the name of its partner Ana da Franca, which portrays the office's spirit (franca = honest). Its body of work presents a range of projects, such as furniture, ephemeral architecture, houses, offices, stores, buildings and urban allotments. Besides that the office also focuses on rehabilitation and restoration, guided by the passion of intervening in the built city and inspired by their hometown.
Leading architect: Ana da Franca.
Architecture team: Arq. Guilherme Gil, Arq. Inês Pinheiro Torres, Arq. Joana Menezes.

Other participants
Promoter: Dr. José Carlos Marques da Silva
Contractor: Campelo & Filhos, lda
Wood work: Decmodil — Decoração de Interiores, lda
Ceiling and mural restoration: Revivis — Reabilitação, Restauro e Construção, lda
Engineering: ASPP – Engenheiros; Sousa Marques, Engenharia
Photography: Pedro Bruschy