MAYAS — The enigma of the lost cities

Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project
Mayans, the lost cities enigma has a MARQ specific musealization, after going all over the Netherlands and Germany museums, with its almost 200 pieces. Its exhibiting discourse immerses us into the jungle, cradle of the mayan culture, where the enormous temples show up adding highlighting the difference pieces between mayan architecture and symbology.
Architecture + Graphic Design. It develops a musealization labour consisting of the production of museographic architecture and its complete graphic design and scenography for a better visitor understanding of the exhibition.
Lightness, Recyclable Materials + High Security Requirements. Using materials and finished forms in accordance with the exhibition temporal length and in turn having showcases with a high demanding security and control.
Accessibility. Printed 3D models are used for replicating archaeological pieces which are placed near the real ones just for the spectators who wishes an experience with the piece volume and texture.
Location 1: MARQ Alicante, Spain
Location 2: The Royal BC Museum, Victoria, Canada
Location 3: Cincinnati Museum

Alicante, Spain

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Applicant and authors of the project
Rocamora Diseño y Arquitectura.
The projects we develop are architectures that combine lifetime and economy with an optimal balance. Communicatory architectures through design, imaginary and contemporary encodings.
One of the pillars of our work is the accessibility of our designs for everyone. Inclusion, accessibility is being sensitive and responsive with the needs of our customers and make their concerns and desires in tools.

Other participants
Client: Found C.V. MARQ
Production: MuseumsPartner, Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes de Guatemala, The Royal BC Museum
Curator: Prof. Nikolai Grube
Lenders: MUNAE; National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology La Ruta Maya Foundation
Content: MuseumsPartner, Royal BC Museum
Exhibition design: ROCAMORA Design & Architecture
Graphic design: MuseumsPartner, ROCAMORA Design & Architecture