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About the project (provided by the applicant)
Mayocc House is located 20 km from the city of Huanta, Mayocc town, the house is located on a 4-hectare plot of land and is adjacent to a river that bears the same name, the concept of the house was to relate the exterior with the interior, blending in with the environment and to do so we generated 2 parallel lines so simple that they result in the least impact on nature. Thus, the 2 lines divide us into 4 gardens that surround the project, 2 of them to appreciate the sunrise and the other 2 for the sunset. The entrance is from the upper part of the land, that is right when the magic really happens. 

Ayacucho — Huamanga, Peru

Project design year

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Paolo Rossi Contreras Zea
«My name is Paolo Rossi Contreras Zea, I am an architect by profession in the city of Ayacucho Huamanga, in the country of Peru, through some colleagues I was able to find out about the Golden Trezzini awards and they encouraged me to participate, with a project that we dedicated a lot to. time and love, we worked on it between 3 offices where the project manager was me.»

Authors of the project
Paolo Rossi Contreras Zea, Miguel Montor, Emmanuel Ortiz

Other participants
Miguel Montor, Emmanuel Ortiz

Status of the project
Working drawings

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