Medicinal Herbs Garden Museum

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About the project
This museum intends to exhibit the rich historical heritage of Iranian medicine science and the capabilities of Iranian scientists in this field. These include exhibiting Iranian herbs, historical medical objects, introducing the historical Iranian health and medicine specialists, and other related information and objects. Dating back to at least 2500 years, Persian Garden is an architectural concept, which has lived strongly within Persian culture for ages. In a museum, which tends to exhibit the achievements of Iranian medicine science, using this concept through another language and expression was a logical option. Everything in the museum, even the design itself, is in service of presenting the heritage of Iranian medicine history. The museum is designed to host several sections, such as the historical timeline of Iranian medicine and medical history, the small-scaled objects of Iranian pharmacists and physicians, the room for Persian “scents”, herbs exhibition, etc.

Kordan, Alborz, Iran

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Modaam Architects, founded in 2009 by Sanaz Ghaemmaghami and Mojtaba M.Zaheri. «Our experiences in design resulted in more than 60 projects and proposals in a wide range of types and sizes including office buildings, shopping malls, sport city, residential buildings, leisure and holiday centers, small villas, renovation projects. Our design considerations are mainly the context and the habitants which includes environmental, social, economic, anthropological and many more issues.»
Project by Sanaz Ghaem Maghami, Montana M. Zaheri.
Architectural Design Team: Ayub Abdol, Kamyar Salavati, Farnaz Jamedor, Taraneh Khodaee, Shahriar Khodabandeh, Siavosh Nikbakht Museography.

Herbi Pharmed Company

Other participants
Structure Design: Davood Zareie
Mechanical and Electrical Installations: Ali Moharami
Construction Contractor: Nab Eagle Aria
Photographer: Alireza Behpour

Status of the project