Megadent Dental Clinic

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
The interior project for a dental clinic is conceived as a single fluid space that revolves around a dominant core volume which is accessed for different functions from all sides and every environment is oriented around it. Several other secondary volumes are positioned around it, which are experienced differently in different spatial perspectives. The interior aimed to create a creative and welcoming joyful space for everyone, offering a different environment with artworks and warm colors to break the stereotypes that people have for medical facilities, making them feel at home and enjoy their stay there.

Ali Demi, Tirana, Albania

Project implementation year

Jani Toçi, young architect from Albania. He finished his Master's studies in the Science of Architecture at FAU, UPT in 2020. He has a professional experience of 4 years working in a well-known studio in country and currently works as a freelancer in the field of architecture and interior design. During his experience, he has designed objects of various typologies, starting from private and collective residential, hotel, resort, commercial, industrial, educational, sports facilities.

Author of the project
Jani Toçi


Status of the project