Meltzer Hall

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About the project
The house is being constructed at the site of the ex Meltzer plant, and some of the existing buildings are preserved, including the Grand Palace cinema, the House of Korlyakov, as well as red brick industrial premises.
There architectural memorial get integrated into the stone bulk of the new development.
Bending in a meander-like fashion, the building shapes a profound cour d'honneur that opens towards the Karpovka River, supporting the architectural tradition typical for St. Petersburg at the turn of the 19th century. The façade of the development features a whole collection of elements typical of Petrogad Modern – windows, doors, masonry, sculptures, and ornaments.

Karpovka Embankment 27, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Alfa Faberge, development company

Authors of the project
Studio 44, architectural bureau