Focus Memphis hall in Focus photo studio

Best Implemented Creative Space Design

About the project
The photo studio is located in the Petrogradskaya District of St. Petersburg.
The new space comprises a study, a library and a bar. The authors wanted three areas to be different and yet look like an organic whole. The three-level space has an open and minimalistic marble-like stairs, a library with large painted books and trendy arch-like shelves.
This style was inspired by experiments conducted by Italian designers in 1970s – they called it Memphis, and it became a sustainable trend in 2020s. Arches, rounded shapes, oval contours and the game of planes are emphasized with vintage furniture, which has also become very popular lately.
The most peculiar area is the large English desk on a podium in front of the shelves. Large round lamps above it remind the viewer that this is an ultra-modern interior.

10 Gazovaya Street, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Applicant and author of the project
TECTONICA interior design studio.
Zhanna Budnikova, designer