Mercury Hotel

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The hotel's design seamlessly integrates every element, where each intricate detail complements one another, drawing inspiration from both the island and the vibrant underwater world. The garden design takes its cues from the captivating corals and vibrant marine life that greet visitors as they enter the Persian Gulf waters along Kish Island's beaches. The architecture of the floors, resembling a staircase, features balconies at the end of each corridor. This layout inspired the creation of a luxurious suite on every floor, complete with a minibar and a bathing-sunbathing balcony. The overall design exudes a tropical and coastal ambiance, harmonizing perfectly with the island's climate. Spanning an impressive 10,423 square meters, the hotel encompasses 147 rooms, all thoughtfully constructed to embody this vision.

Kish Island, Iran

Project design year

Peyman Kiani Architects (PKA)

Authors of the project
Peyman Kiani Architects (PKA)

Status of the project
Under construction