Redesign of the National Research Moscow State Engineering University premises

Best Project of Public Space by a Student

About the project
The redesign concept features a major tree, with roots embracing the sports and recreation zone with a pond, as no plant can exist without water. At the bottom of the trunk, there are hostels for non-residents. The trunk of the tree is the main road, connecting the campus with key amenities, and the branches are auxiliary pathways. The limb of the tree houses a leisure venue for students and teachers. The university campus is a big cloud where students arrive as water drops every morning, running off to the leisure, sports, and recreation zones in the end of the day. At a round sun-like crossing point there is a cultural and exhibition center, resembling light beams (an enlightenment zone).

Yaroslavskoye Highway 26, Moscow, Russia

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Applicant and authors of the project
Valeria Androsova, 2nd year student of the National Research Moscow State Engineering University.