Mirvita Freespace — the Future #ArtScienceHumanism XXIst

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Mirvita is a cutting-edge polyfunctional and transdisciplinary public building and facilities, a space open to other spaces where ArtScienceHumanism merges in a stimulating environment. The encounter among creativity, architecture, science, native vines is the foundation of a project born in a territory once center of the world civilization.
Mirvita architectonic dimension is inspired by Suprematism art movement and UNOVIS. Lazar Khidekel’s heritage -the first architect ecologist of modern times- is more in demand, so consonant with Mirvita, cantor of the CosmoNature dimension. The five interconnected levels of Mirvita are related to history, human relations, creativity, scientific research where Nature becomes a full participant, fading the boundaries between the landscape and underground spaces. Lights and shadows, sounds and silences help to perceive the Beauty and Harmony of Nature. Local construction materials are combined with innovation through audacious technological structures.

Apulia, Contrada Montelarosa — Lamalunga, Minervino Murge, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Italy

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Additional information Tribute to K. Malevic: Poetics of pure feeling, 2015 Mirvita Freespace, 2018 Culture, Matera, 2019 Corporate Art Award 2018, Matera Eur. capital of Culture 2019

Applicant and author of the project
Prof. Donato di Gaetano Initiator of “Mirvita Freespace — the Future” project, Founder and Owner of Azienda Agricola Tor de falchi in collaboration with Architect Studio Bruno Sanguigni.
Thanks to a 40-year experience in the architecture design, works in team with experts of different disciplines. He has developed relevant projects for Marchesi — Antinori Tor Maresca, Pharmalabor. 
Prof. Donato di Gaetano – Vision and Project implementation Arch. Bruno Sanguigni — Architecture project Leader Ing. Nathalie Di Gaetano – Project Coordinator Ing. Gaetano Farella – Assistant to the architecture project Leader Artist Valery Tarasov — Painter Artist Vito Maiullari — Sculptor Artist Pino Jodice – Musician and composer Artist Franca Mancinelli – Poetess Prof. Vito Manzari – Director, National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Apulian district Michele Saitta – IT Support Davide Alfarano, Marco Neugebauer, Roberto Randi: Photography Credit Hubstract — Stefano Fiori & Luigi Vetrani: Videomakers Danilo Bottoni, Arik Agnesini: Website Master Michele Castiglione Minischetti- Architect Martina Bertolazzi — Architect Bruno Sanguigni, graduated at Architecture Faculty of La Sapienza University, Rome.

Other participants
Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), Confindustria (Italian Industrial Confederation), Jewish Community of the city of Trani (Casa di Avrham), private entrepreneurs, Apulian Region, Versopolis (Association of European Young Poets), Composer Marco Stroppa, Mecenati,Artist Pino Iodice, Local partners and authorities, Galleria d’Arte Moderna Contemporanea di Bergamo (GAMEC), Astronomical Observatory of Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta (OAVDA)