Facade Design and Renovation for MM34

Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

About the project
The goal of the project is to transform the urban image through the renovation and recovery of the different artisanal and traditional elements of the façade, mainly the Talavera mosaics, Mexican ceramics and glass tiles that frame the windows, lintels and cornices on the mansard roof. The elements lost in the course of history were renewed with a new materiality without generating a false homogeneity with the preexistent ones. The new pieces made by local artisans provide and allow continuity over time. The roof dome is rebuilt with a ceramic tile that reinterprets the original glass tiles, just as the cornice is bordered with Mexican glazed ceramic tiles and the windows of the mansards with Talavera mosaic still having old parts.
MM34 | Mar Mediterraneo 34 emerges as a strategy to give a second life to an eclectic style house in advance deterioration built in 1910. The project will also inspire the cultural and architectural revival of the magical neighborhood of Tacuba.

Mar Mediterraneo 34, Tacuba, Mexico City, Mexico

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Submitter and author:
Inca Hernandez is a Venezuelan architect living in Mexico since 2015. He worked with world-renowned Architects such as Tadao Ando (Pritzker, 1995) and Alvaro Siza (Pritzker 1992) in different projects in Oaxaca for Casa Wabi's foundation. He has also worked in new real estate developments and restoration projects in Mexico City. He has currently started with his own firm Inca Hernandez Arquitectura developing research, art direction and architecture projects in Mexico, Venezuela, Italy and Colombia.
Architect of the project: Inca Hernández.

Participants and partners of the project
Development: Top Project Multiplex / Efraín Hernández
Photography: João Morgado- Architecture Photography
Interior design: Ana Ximena García, Inca Hernández, Raíz Mx, Adrián González
Collaborators: Gabriela Llovera Arciniegas, Luis Enrique Vargas
Structural engineering: Javier Soria