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About the project
Oslo’s first Möbius Museum of Design floating in space.
Our proposal is conceived as a continuous never ending infinite Möbius loop, representing the concept of time where the visitor gets a feeling of “floating” in space.
The Möbius form has been placed strategically on the center of the site in such a way that it produces a minimal footprint of the building. The building blends perfectly into the contoured topography of the site and extends till the waterfront. This topology provides a panoramic view of the Bygdøy island and creates an experience of being in proximity with nature.
This “eye popping” Möbius skin is a parametrically designed metal façade, made up of grey metallic panels and the voids in between the skin are filled with ETFE panels giving it a snowy effect on the building. Therefore, together, the museum structure, urban forest and connecting waterfront plazas form an ensemble, a new landmark and let you immerse into the futuristic world of Bygdøy island.

Bygdøy island, Oslo, Norway

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Additional information
The project won the third prize at Switch competition

Applicant and authors of the project
Founded in 2018, Kritikaa Architect is an interdisciplinary Architecture & Design Studio based in India. We design in different scales & scope. Our projects span a wide array of design fields, from architecture and interior design to construction, from Industrial to various building design, from landscape design to master planning. Most importantly, we would use Parametric Design as an extra tool to enhance our design approach.