Modular Social Housing

Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

About the project
Albania faced devastating earthquakes four years ago with a lot of material damage.The state authorities and many private professionals faced the problem of housing the families left homeless. The solutions were mainly proposals with conventional construction methods, which delayed the housing of families by almost 2 years. The project in question was a proposal for an emergency housing solution in a short time. The project consists of the modular construction of housing where the type module to offer more flexibility in function and assembly, its elements are modulated to provide different functions of the housing with a single base module. With a very flexible base module, different types of apartment compositions and a variety of facade compositions are possible to have an attractive object. The facility aimed to provide a warm and welcoming environment for a healthier social life for residents traumatized by the tragedy.

Paskuqan, Tirana, Albania

Project design year

Jani Toçi, young architect from Albania. He finished his Master's studies in the Science of Architecture at FAU, UPT in 2020. He has a professional experience of 4 years working in a well-known studio in country and currently works as a freelancer in the field of architecture and interior design. During his experience, he has designed objects of various typologies, starting from private and collective residential, hotel, resort, commercial, industrial, educational, sports facilities.

Author of the project
Jani Toçi

Status of the project
Conceptual design