«O Repetiție Moldoveneasca» — A Moldavian Rehearsal

Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

About the project
O Repetiție Moldoveneasca» (A Moldavian Rehearsal) it is the story of some heroic actors, people who made the first Romanian theater troupe in Iași and who rehearsed in very precarious conditions both financially and in terms of space, and who had very little time available for rehearsals. However, they managed to establish the first Romanian theater troupe and gather the public to performances in the Romanian language, at a time when a lot of plays were performed in French because the public preferred French or German performances. It is a tribute to these people.

Romania, Galați, Domnească 59, Galati Dramatic Theatre «Fani Tardini»

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Applicant and author of the project
Andreea Săndulescu, Dramatic Theatre «Fani Tardini» set designer 

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Photo credits to Volker Vornehm

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