Moshref villa

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
In this project,the main problem of the employer was the overlooking of the neighbors to the interior spaces of the villa and the landscape.The client needed the interiors to have good visual transparency to the surrounding space,but also needed facilities,security and the creation of a visual barrier to control the neighbors' view in the public area to the villa.Creating blades parallel to the common wall of the building with suburban street, this border was created and found various roles in different places,including the dividing wall,water fountain,entrance porch, shelter.As the property of extroverted housing architecture in northern Iran, this project also found a good relationship with the landscape and public space of the town and it can have its own private space.This means translating the region's past architecture into today's language and for today's user.The kitchen is also located between the living room and the private space, and can provides a visual connection

Chalandar, Mazandaran, Iran

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Mrk Office
Design Team: Neda Mirani, Mohammad Aghajani, Morteza Alimohammadi, Hosein Aghayi, Narges Sefidabi, Mahnoosh Ghafari, Sargol Tehrani, Mehrdad Bagheri, Moazameh Eshkevarian, Sanam Keshvarpajooh, Sepehr Sadeghi, Sogand Shooraj

Other participants
Engineering: Siamak Poorzand
Landscape: Neda Mirani
Facilities: Mojtaba Mahdavi
Wooden accessories: Nika Choob
Aluminium Windows: Amin Mohammadi
Photo credits: Deed studio, Benyamin Jahanshahi