Mozzafar Villa

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
The Mozzafar Villa in Babolsar was meticulously designed and completed in 2022 on a 412 sqm plot. The concept draws inspiration from the location, neighborhood, and climate. The fusion of a triangular form with the natural surroundings, notably the rooflines and sky, blends sharp and curved volumes, resulting in a visually captivating design that fulfills the client's desires. This harmonious blend of traditional and modern architecture, material selection, and thoughtful volume arrangements enhances the villa's simplicity and contextual coherence. The design prioritizes ample natural lighting and ventilation by strategically shaping the courtyard and incorporating open green spaces in the north and south directions. Despite limited outdoor space, the pool area challenge was overcome through meticulous analysis and creative solutions, ensuring it complements the overall design while meeting the client's requirements.

Mazandaran province, Iran

Project implementation year

Arash Khatir architectural design team was founded in 2016 with the mission of providing wholesome solutions for clients in the real estate sector.our services range from initial studies to design, preparation, construction, facilities, exterior/interior and furnishing of apartment buildings, villas, residences, offices, commercial buildings, mansions and other architectural artifacts.

Author of the project
Arash Khatir architectural design team

Other participants
Client: Mr. Mozzafarian
Architect: Arash Khatir
Design manager: Mozhan Behroo
Technical team supervsor: Yasaman Taghinia
Design team: Mehran Makaremi, Parham Kalani
Construction manager: Amir Khatir
Construction team supervisor: Nader Pichka

Status of the project


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