MP House interior

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
The main interior in this house are its living and dining room, and its master bedroom. Because most activities will be held in those two rooms, the room should be dynamic and flexible . The idea of its aesthetic is inspired from wabi-sabi thinking from Japan.
We tried to keep the beauty of the space so that the room will not loose its raw beauty. To achieve that, monochrome dark colour is chosen for the fixed furnitures and are not many. As for the loose furnitures, handmade rattan is chosen because its imperfect beauty represents wabi-sabi thinking. And loose furnitures are designed with light frames so that the loose furnitures look light.
In the kitchen area, kitchen set is designed to be invisible if the kitchen set door is closed. Thus, the dining area can be altered as informal meeting area if needed. The flexible function is added to make the room more dynamic and flexible.

Tangerang, Indonesia

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Applicant and authors of the project
TIES (Sansan & Tritya).
We are growing company who plan, design and supervise various projects. We believe a healthy and well-developed design, will lead a better lifestyle for the user.

Other participants
Contractor: TIES
Photographs: Arti Pictures