MR Apartment

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
The apartment, located in the city of Belo Horizonte (capital of Minas Gerais, Brazil) was still under construction when the design plan started. The 360 m² space, with three suites rooms and an office, was divided between a wooden floor (peroba) and a nanoglass floor — a white crystallized glass surface. A duo that had a perfectly fit with the owners’ style, this combination of the warm half of wood and the modern half of plain white.
Brazilian artists and designers gained the spotlight in this apartment. On the walls, a constructivist artwork by Amilcar de Castro, and canvas by Carlos Vergara, Lorenzato and Anna Maria Maiolino. As well as a couple of chairs with contemporary design by Estudio Campana (“Corallo” and “Favela”). Amongst them, other Brazilian designers sets the tone, such as Carlos Motta and Ivar Siewers, combined with italian furniture and light fixtures by the german designer Ingo Maurer.

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Project implementation year

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Additional information

Applicant and authors of the project
Ângela Roldão Arquitetura.
Brazilian office based in Belo Horizonte.
Architect Ângela Roldão has a professional and academic experience both in Brazil and in Germany and has been working for over fourty years in the architecture and interior design market. The studio has projects in several cities in Brazil and also in other 7 countries. Our projects were published in many books and magazines all over the world.
Architect in charge: Ângela Roldão
Design Team: Thalita Mattos, Marina Rebelo

Other participants
Construction: Construtora Caparaó
Manufacturers: Demuner, EDRA, Rimadesio, Sumisura, Iluminar, Ingo Maurer, Sandro e Márcio, Flexform Italia, Poliform, B&B Italia (Casual Móveis).
Artwork and furniture desingers: Amilcar de Castro, Anna Maria Maiolino, Carlos Vergara, Lorenzato, Carlos Motta, Ivar Siewers, Philippe Starck, Estudio Campana, Antonio Citterio, and others.
Photographs: Jomar Bragança