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About the project
The first point for the museum seems to be that this collection of me shows its presence in the city, so in designing such a suitable land and using different materials, it makes it an urban sign in the minds of citizens. to be used. Create an address! And this creates such a building in the city, which is one of the main points in the complex.
Different ethnic groups in our country have such people together to create conflicting cultures and customs, so this conflict of conflicting cultures motivated us to create a place where people get closer to each other, but with a specific goal. In the field of museums, so that it can at least create culture on a small scale and provide services to different segments of the population.
Given the current state of society and everyday conflicts and worries, having a museum of calm and cheerful environment can help and pay attention to achieve peace and comfort.

Iran, Khuzestan

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Mehdi Nikbagheri & NIK STUDIO


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