Museum of knowledge

Best Architectural Design for a Museum

About the project
Museum of knowledge is a space, where art and knowledge are most important. It has a balance between devotion to art.
Three primary tasks of a museum are education, presentation and forming of a collection. Visitors of a museum expect to go through a unique experience.
The concept is based on 5 elements of nature: space, air, fire, water, earth. The five elements of nature form the basic core of the universe. The evolution of universe centres around these elements. Therefore, the horizon of human knowledge encompasses and
rest on all the five elements of nature. They form the essential and strong foundation of human intelligence. Form is developed according to lights, shadows and inner spaces, huge cantilevers portray as grand welcoming entrance. The origami facades enhances the beauty of the project and shows the advancement in the future of architecture.

Ajmer, India

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Applicant and authors of the project
AR. Maanit Juneja, Principle architect of Brick Bond Studio, believes that built spaces need to celebrate the human existence, the life. Buildings need to connect to the users at an emotional domain. If it happens the physical aspects of space — form, materials and style — disappear, and the space bonds to its user like another human, it becomes alive.