Museum of Sinan the Architect

Best Architectural Design for Museum

About the project
We are building a museum for Sinan on a layered earth crust rich in geology, culture, and history, in ethnic geography, with the lookout of the unique Erciyes Mountain.
We created the design by scraping it with our hands. We think that the feeling of touching and producing by using our hands is a timeless conjunction. What we’re doing is designing a raised earth crust. A crust of earth that bears the traces of the soil of the place where it is located, and can even provide its shape in this way... This elevated earth crust defines a dramatic intermediate space between the ground and the sky, offering an opportunity to experience Mount Erciyes and the rest of the park from a different level. It returns the space it occupies on the ground into a quality landscape on its roof for public use.

Kayseri, Turkey

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Applicant and authors of the project
KAAT, based İstanbul, insists on producing a saturated architectural process in today’s speed-oriented world.
Founded by Lebriz Atan Karaatlı and S. Arda Karaatlı, KAAT Architecture + URBAN produces projects for the private and public sectors. The scale of projects covers everything that is related to generating a better spatial quality.
The office has various awards and practices from national and international competitions and events.
Architects Sacit Arda Karaatlı, Lebriz Atan Karaatlı.