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About the project
MUSEUM is a commercial building located in Wakayama, Japan. The building is situated in a quayside area and from a boat it seems to float on the sea, and from a car, it gives the incredible impression of swaying, so that it is intimately linked with the visual qualities of the marine environment. This impression of swaying takes place because a glass wall and the inner solid wall have different design properties, and as a consequence create this unlikely but beautiful effect. The facility aims to be both a centre of culture in Tanabe and also to provide a vital area for recreation.

Tanabe, Wakayama, Japan

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Applicant and authors of the project
OOKI Architects & Associates is an architectural firm, established by Hiromoto Oki in Tokyo, Japan in 1985. Hiromoto Oki takes a research based approach to a wide variety of projects, from a private funerary facility to huge buildings such as hotels, hospitals, casinos. Inspired by local matters such as environmental problems and ethnic issues, his designs have integrated buildings and local landscapes and have created a sense of belonging for people who use his works.