The Miass embankment in Chelyabinsk

Best Project of Public Space

About the project
The concept of the beautification and development of the Miass River embankment in Chelyabinsk assesses a number of criteria: practicality, attractiveness, place identity, durability of structures and materials. All this ensures effective use of sustainable systems and technology.

The project features clear and strict forms in tune with the already existing embankment shapes, such as a circle, an arc and a straight line.

One of the embankment sections features circular piers leading to fountains in the river and a square with a sundial and sun loungers. The abundant greenery creates a comfortable environment inside the embankment and walls off the highways.

Chelyabinsk, Russia

Project design year

Project 3D tour

LAD, Architecture and Design Laboratory

Authors of the project
Michael Kisenko, Vasilina Pashnina, Artem Sidorov