Nakhl eco_resort

Best Implemented Reconstruction Project

About the project
Nakhl was an old and abandoned house in the historical valuable context of Yazd province, Ardakan city. Ardakan city is one of the most tourist-friendly cities in Iran that visitors choose it for these main reasons: special climate, desert nature, traditional architecture.
The traditional architecture of this city is still the best, most consistent and sustainable design method in the region. But with the passage of time, this type of context-oriented architecture has become very weak, and the number of skilled workers in this field has also decreased.
By looking at this type of valuable architecture, in order to prepare the goals of tourists to visit and stay in this city, by inviting skilled craftsmen, we renovated an abandoned house in the heart of the city in such a way as to provide comfort and convenience during the very hot days and very cold nights of this city (with minimal use of energy). Also they will have an amazing view of the historical context of the city and pristine nature.

Ali Beyk Mosque Alley, Ardakan, Iran

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Polsheer Architects, established in 1981, is considered today as one of the leading consulting firms in Iran, providing a wide range of consulting services in field of design and supervision.
Over the past four decades, Polsheer has undertaken the design and supervision of a large number of distinguished building projects, and developed valuable experience in special concepts that enabled the firm to pre-qualify for participation and winning in several local and international competitions.

Author of the project
Company: Polsheer Architects
Architects: Mohammadreza Ghaneei, Ardesheer Ghaneei
Colleagues: Mohammad Hadian

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