Navigating Tomorrow's Horizons: Computational Design for an International Cruise Terminal

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About the project
The Ministry of Shipping & Ports has set sail on an exciting venture in the beautiful port of Goa – the creation of a cutting-edge International Cruise Terminal. Nestled strategically by international waterways, it aims to become the world's ultimate cruising destination. Picture this: a sleek, functional, and flexible structure, not just for cruisers but also for ferry services, with additional spaces to cater to all needs.
But here's the twist – it's not just any building; it's a work of art! The design philosophy is all about creating iconic, organic forms that blend seamlessly with the environment. Imagine unique, visually captivating buildings that'll leave you awestruck. Like the columns that aren't just supportive but also works of art in themselves.
Accessibility and convenience have been kept important hence paratransit facilities are introduced making travel to and from the terminal a breeze. 

Mormugao, Goa, India

Project design year

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Vadadoriya Vrundesh Dulabhai, Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat, India: «I hold a Bachelor of Architecture degree, where I cultivated a profound understanding of architectural principles and design. My fervor lies in forging unconventional paths, as I venture into the realms of computational design, architectural innovation, parametric modeling, and diverse software applications. My goal is to craft avant-garde and distinctive architectural solutions at the intersection of these dynamic fields.»

Author of the project
Vadadoriya Vrundesh Dulabhai

Status of the project
Conceptual design