New Civic Centre on Talca ex-prison

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About the project
The project re-interpreted the prison's spatial condition as a built and empty system, . A grid is set on the site around which a series of built volumes are inserted, configuring a network of open and semi-open interior public spaces at different heights. These spaces seek to activate the block's interior by creating a large flexible civic plaza, green areas and open terraces. On the façade, the fusion between modules allows the hierarchy and framing of exterior views and solar control.
The complex of housing, offices, and public space is crossed by cores of vertical circulation, but also stairs and ramps that aim to generate an alternative, open and leisurely promenade. In contrast to the prison's current operation, the proposal opens towards its exterior, seeking to integrate the interior of the block with its urban environment and positioning the building as a new urban and civic reference in the city.

Talca, Chile

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Applicants and authors of the project
Fernando Contreras. 2016 Architect — University of Chile.
Francisca Pimentel. 2021 MA Architectural & Historic Urban Environment — UCL. 2016. Architect — Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.