New Holland Island — Phase II

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Together with the New Holland: cultural urbanization project team, West 8 has been working since 2014 on the transformation of Peter the Great’s 18th century shipyard into a multi-functional district with an ambient public realm. The recently delivered second phase of these renovations at New Holland Island feature a lush ‘Garden Walk’, created by West 8 together with Linda Bird. The Walk wraps around House 12, a newly renovated 18th century monument. As a result, visitors can see the city from a new perspective from the Kryukov Canal. This phase included the planting of 26 apple trees, 32 maple trees, 33 Amelanchier trees and a variety of shrubs and perennials including hydrangeas and mountain ash.
Within only 3 months of opening, the area has become one of the most popular and secluded parts of the island. New Holland Island features offices and restaurants, culture spaces and exhibition areas in the centre of Saint Petersburg.

New Holland Island, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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West 8 is an award-winning international office for bespoke urban design, landscape architecture and infrastructure projects, founded in 1987 with offices in New York, The Netherlands and Belgium. West 8 has an extensive portfolio of urban master plans and designs, landscape interventions, waterfront projects, parks, squares and gardens. The firm also develops concepts and visions for large-scale planning issues.
Project by West 8, Linda Bird Landscape design (Garden walk), New Holland: Cultural Urbanization project team (client)