Nicosia Science Museum

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The design concept evocatively captures the essence different scientific disciplines through a metaphorical representation. Each form or science gracefully cascades and intertwines. yer retains Its distinct identity. This artistic arrangement symbolizes the interconnections and harmony between scientific fields, sparking introspection on the diverse branches of knowledge and their intricate relationships. The design invites profound contemplation, celebrating the beauty or science and its contributions to our understanding of the world. The building incorporates a sophisticated structural system known as a diagrid, supplemented by robust concrete cores, to achieve its distinctive spherical form. This innovative combination not only ensures the building's stability but also allows for a seamless and aesthetically pleasing design. By utilizing the diagrid system, which consists of diagonal grid-like elements, the building gains structural integrity.

Nicosia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

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Mubarak Isah, 23-year-old Nigerian architect: «I recently completed my Bachelor's degree in architecture at a reputable institution in Cyprus. Through my international education, I have gained valuable insights into various architectural styles and design concepts.»

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Conceptual design

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