Nikolay Lubimov memorial

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About the project
The USSR translator Nikolay Lubimov is known for his translations of Beaumarchais, Flaubert, Mérimée, Stendhal , Maupassant, Cervantes, and Proust. To celebrate his 110th anniversary, his bronze memorial was open in Peremyshl on June 11, 2022. The bronze figure is 2+ meters high, and its white podium presents a quote from Nikolay Lubimov’s memoirs: ‘For my existence in the world Peremyshl is to blame…’
The memorial has become the new landmark of the village.

Peremyshlskoe Village, Kaluga Region, Russia

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Alexey Komov, Chief Architect of Kaluga

Authors of the project
Alexey Komov, architect
Denis Stretovich, sculptor

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