Nobakht office building

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About the project
The architectural design was started with great care based on details such as organizational chart, workflow, type of communication with the client, etc. separately for each employer and was implemented according to the most up-to-date construction standards.
Understanding the breadth and generality of the space according to function, in addition to the limitation of land dimensions in the design of the office unit located on the first, second and third floors, is one of the things that has been tried to be provided with great precision in architectural design. The design of an empty space in the center of the second and third floors for visual connection and vertical communication (metal stairs and elevator) between the first, second and third floors is to provide and realize this issue.
The Nobakht office building is winner of the 2020 KNX Award.

# 52, 6th alley, Nobakht St, Apadana St, Tehran, Iran

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Applicant and author of the project
Behnam Nadimi, born in 1975, graduated as Master of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran

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