Nuestra Tierra Kindergarden

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About the project
“Nuestra Tierra” is an institution that was born in the year 2000 as “Nuestra Tierra Eco-Kindergarten” with a project based on the slogan “Educate for the respect, conservation, and preservation of the environment as a place for the development and creativity of the students and the whole educational community”. In 2003 a new stage began with the opening of primary school. In 2009, secondary school was born, always following the students growth.
”Complejo Educativo Nuestra Tierra (C.E.N.T.)” promotes the following values: respect, community, honesty, responsibility, modesty, tolerance, simplicity and cooperation.
The shape of the project begins with a box, which is splitted in two parts to create a communication between the main access and the rest of the school, situated just behind the new building. Classrooms are all aligned through the mail corridor looking north/west, and they all have its independent access to the main playground, full of kids games, and lots of nature.

Ezeiza, Argentina

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Applicant and authors of the project
Project by Leandro Barreiro, Fernando M. Alvarado Otegui, Santiago F. Skapin, Romina Krauss, architects

C. E. Nuestra Tierra

Status of the project
Under construction