Oasi di Vita

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
This project symbolizes revitalization and was born to bring the swamps of the Orbetello
Lagoon back to life and attract tourists from all over the world to experience the dynamics
of nature. Its dynamics and shape imitate the ways of adaptation to water, land and air by the
migratory birds and residents of this place, and they have incredible capacities to inhabit
in different environments and in different seasons.
We have designed a high quality complex, including the visitor center with services and commercial activities, training center, guest house, exhibition spaces and observation booths, always preserving a visual and physical connection with nature and the landscape that also ensures accessibility for all types of visitors.

Oasi WWF Laguna Di Orbetello, Italy

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Applicant and authors of the project
«We are a multidisciplinary creative team and we aim to tell stories through our creative process. We identify the essence of each project through concepts with connections between nature, environment and society.»
Architects Juan Manuel Zuluaga, Cesar Restrepo Toro, Maria Fernanda Rivera, Santiago Lopez Garcéz, Kevin Macias.

Other participants
Young architects competition for WWF Italy.