Oasys + System, The Artificial Breathing Palm Modular Structure System

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
We acknowledge the need for such spaces in our developing societies to be created to protect outdoor lifestyle during the months of the year in which the heat becomes unbearable. As Abu Dhabi seeks to grow and develop its vibrant and diverse city further, it is important that we must have such systems for the growing industries such as tourism, education, finance, and cultural centers. Our outdoor thermal comfort system installment is important to public and private spaces that will see the ease of threat and the dangers of climate change to urban development and society.
‘The Oasys’ is an oasis space that is constructed from modules of palm tree-like structures that will be the main function of the system. It will have such functions as spraying mist through nozzles that underlay the palms, as well as collect solar energy through solar panels on the roof of the palms. The structure will act as a barrier from regional and environmental issues such as heat, UV rays, and noise.

Abu Dhabi, the UAE

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Applicant and authors of the project
MASK Architects.
Lead Designers and Project Architects: Öznur Pınar Çer, Danilo Petta
Technical Team: Öznur Pınar Çer, Danilo Petta

Other participants
Animation and Rendering Company: Genc Design Studio
Competition Organization: Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT)