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About the project
#Oblong is a proposed multi-storey residential apartment building to be constructed at Hyderabad. Simple and elegant is what comes to mind when one sees this giant arch shaped façade. It is surrounded on all three sides with buildings and is having only the front as the major facade.
It's always appropriate to find and respect the DNA of the building — the connection with nature. The front balconies in the façade have been reinterpreted to boasts sandstone colored walls inset with shallow arch-shaped recess and green planters, adding vibrance overlooking onto the street. The building is designed to achieve the weight and presence necessary to establish this identity as compared to the existing building fabric.

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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Applicant and authors of the project
Studio A+D. Architecture firm headed by Architects Shaik Mahammed Azaruddin and Dinakar Raj Nannam, focusing on design solutions that are purposeful and creatively unique. The firm explores modern trends and strategies that reinterpret the contemporary living. The tripartite nature of the firm's work involves professionalism, creativity and environmental responsibility, to serve the client, the users and the environment in all efficient ways possible.

Other participants
Project: PVRKR (#Oblong)
Client: 3Way Services
Structural Consultants: Zubair Mohammad