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The design idea arises in the middle of the islands, emerging from the Pacific Ocean and standing out among the humid and tropical mountains, a museum stands as a center of scientific and environmental research. This place is home to endemic species of fauna and flora that have inhabited these islands for years. The architecture of the museum is characterized by a metal structure clad with fiber concrete, designed to resist humidity and seismic forces. In the face of the possibility of flooding, the project is designed to rise gradually as the water level rises. The windows are made of algae biopanels, which capture solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. This museum has laboratories, open-air exhibition areas, galleries and administrative areas, thus constituting a comprehensive center for research and scientific dissemination in the environmental context of the islands.

Gorgona Island, Colombia

Project design year

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Architect Freider Yamid Vargas Plazas, professional architect, expert in three-dimensional visualization, architectural and interior design.

Author of the project
Architect Freider Yamid Vargas Plazas

Status of the project
Conceptual design

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