OGNIVO restaurant

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project designed a comfortable and functional space for a restaurant with an open kitchen in a former factory building. The fusion of avant-garde and constructivism with industrial vibe creates a special atmosphere in this bohemian place in St. Petersburg. Passing through the entrance vestibule with a wardrobe to the reception area, the visitor of the Ognivo restaurant discovers the entire majestic panorama of the institution. There is an alley with olives brought from Sicily, which a special irrigation system and phyto-lamps. In the centre there is a kitchen with a grill area, an oven with a dome made of black metal and glass, and a bar area with a three-level rack made of Karelian marble. Above the bar you can find a majestic installation made of copper plates that weights two tons.

Maly Prospekt of Vasilevsky Island, 57, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Applicant and authors of the project, team of visionaries with vast experience in designing unique and very different properties, from small apartments to private residences and world-class public spaces. With every project, studio dedicates its work to continuous search of a new interpretation of the minimalistic aesthetics and bespoke functionality. They see a key development mission in finding a large team of like-minded people and working on interesting projects around the world.

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