Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
The co-author of the project and the owner of the house says: “Several years ago, my husband and I purchased a plot next door to our dacha in Istra, near Moscow. There was a house on the site, dilapidated and rickety. First, we thought about demolishing the house, but then, during the pandemic, we took a closer look at it and decided to breathe a second life into it. We installed heating, made a bathroom, turned the pantry under the stairs into a toilet room, turned the summer veranda into a full-fledged kitchen-dining room. We hired no foremen or designers, but took on these roles. We did everything ourselves, sometimes involving assistants for physical work. My husband was responsible for the technical part, and me — for the artistic. We decided to use the principle of ecological consumption and collected all the furnishings of the house throughout the country through the Avito website.The bath was found in Khabarovsk, the bed in Yekaterinburg, the closet in Moscow, the table in Novokuznetsk. With our project, we would like to show what you can do yourself of an old dilapidated house and how you can create a dream home.The main thing is to dream and love to what you do!"

Moscow Region, Russia

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Applicants and authors of the project
Vera and Dmitry Fedchenko, the owners