Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
“Pleasant the voice of the water
to those wearied by black sand,
pleasant to the concave hand
the curving marble of the column,
pleasant the delicate labyrinths of water
among the lemon trees,
pleasant the music of zajal verse,
pleasant the love and pleasant the pleas
lifted to a God who stands alone,
pleasant the jasmine.”
Alhambra by Jorge Luis Borges.
The Ombu House is a three-part building that is designed to be both sustainable and functional. The residential area is on the front of the house, the leisure space is in the back, and the north-facing pool courtyard is in the center. The two-story volume contains the social area and bedrooms, while the leisure zone is fully glazed and open to the courtyard. The leisure and residential parts of the house have different functions and scales, which creates contrasting atmospheres in the internal spaces. The leisure space is mainly for public activities, so it is open and extensive. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project implementation year

Barreiro Architects. «We are a study specialized in integral Architecture and Design solutions, with different scales and technologies, counting to our credit more than 300,000 m2 projected and numerous international and national awards. We propose as added value, design and quality, seeking economy of resources, choice of materials and finishes. We also solve your equipment and furniture needs.»

Author of the project
Leandro Barreiro, Maria Jimena Viegas Pires, Santiago Skapin, Candela Allen, Camila Murthag

Other participants
Photographer Gabriela Vigon

Status of the project

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