An Inquiry into Neo-Typologies

Best Architectural Project by a Student

About the project
A chapter of rebirth, to fall, folded to eternity, a metropolis reconstructed. Orchard Road, once the pinnacle of Singaporean retail, is perishing. The building was envisioned as a multilayered machine that fundamentally serve as a support to the pre-existing neighbours, thereby seeking for a transition of rebirth. As shoppers now have the ease of purchasing necessities from heartland malls, orchard’s clientele is evolving. This shift in demand has caused a shift in supply, with many who used to regard the Somerset belt to have lost most of its original allure, in addition to the rising sentiment of elitism and hierarchy.

Orchard Road, Singapore

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Submitter and authors of the project
Cross-disciplinary team that comprises of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering students from various institutions (National University of Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic).
Architects of the project: Abbrielle Loh Jia Min, Foo Jing Xi, Bryan Lee Jia En, Ernest Tock Jia En, Joel Kum Qi En, Hailey Su Lei Yadanar, Tee Swee Kie.

Other participants
Special Mention — Dr Choo Thian Siong, Mr Dennis Goh.