Oslo Museum of Design

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About the project
The Oslo Museum of Design emphasizes the principal elements of Art owning to its consistency in laying the foundation of any design movement.
Boundaries between Art and Architecture are blurred by transitioning the fundamental elements of Art into 3 dimension allowing one to perceive the city of Oslo, its sky with a celestial ballet of Northern Lights at night and harbor in transition as one walks within.

Bygdøy, Oslo, Norway

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Applicant and authors of the project
Drishti Bhartia.
Architect based out of Mumbai, India.
She took to Architecture determined to follow her passion for design and building a name for herself in the design industry.
She completed her undergraduate degree in Architecture at the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, India in 2017. She has worked for large and boutique architecture firms in India in the capacity of an Architect prior starting on her own in 2020.
Project by Drishti Bhartia, Manasvi Mehta