Palace House

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
A mixture of residential and cultural programme that revitalise this Palace house.
The building is a Sevillian Palace from the 19th century. The intervention consisted on converting it into a flexible single-family house.
It has different circulation, living and servant spaces. It has two independent accesses depending on your way of arrival, one from Marqués de Paradas, serving as the main entrance to the house, and the other, through Gravina street, by car.
Each of them has an associated vertical circulation core, each of them with a different character.
The patio staircase serves the main area of the house, which is organised around that patio and towards the façade of Marqués de Paradas. The second vertical core is a staircase from the basement to the attic floor. It serves the entire service area of the house

Sevilla, Spain

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Applicant and authors of the project
Specialisation. Vanguard. Art and technique. A human team. Important projects. Awards and acknowledgement. Everything was compressed in our dreams but, with the proper talent brought together, with the teamwork, with the right sponsorship, and specially with the confidence of our clients, it is a tangible reality after 10 years of our beginning.