Pandemic Memorial — The Crucifix and The Void

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About the project
Our proposal for the memorial is inspired by the morphology of formation of natural craters on the surface of the earth. We strongly feel that a crater is an apt analogy for the current pandemic situation which has left a gaping open wound with casualties still expected to rise significantly in time to come. We have been strongly inspired by the stark geometrical constructions of the Russian Constructivist artists such as Malevich and El Lissitzky, especially the cruciform series explored by Malevich.
Subsequently this led to an evolution of a diagram whereby we attempted to superimpose the cruciform construct onto the landscape of the crater. Our language of expression has been intentionally kept muted and the play in composition is carried out with minimal architectural elements and spaces in order to bring to the fore the raw power and magnificence of the imagery which captures the ethos of one's journey through the pandemic crisis.

Meteor Crater Natural Landmark, 233, Winslow, Arizona, the USA

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Applicant and author of the project
Nitish Kesari has completed his Bachelor's in Interior design from School of environmental design and architecture, Navrachana University, Baroda. He has participated in several design competitions including the Special mention award winning «Golden Trezzini Award» for the Fashion school design competition. He was employed as a junior designer with The Red Studio in Baroda since his graduation. He has co curated exhibition «Constructions» Art works and installations along with the Red Studio.

Status of the project
Conceptual design