Parallel Villa

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
One of the significant properties of this project is steep slope which led to height difference.
The design inspired by the site topography and the employer's demand about dwelling and using two generations of a family (father and son). Also due to locating the site in the vicinity of a river, We had to consider river zone in our design.Finally according to the needs of employer in using occupancy area , permissible density, considering the river zone and applied leveling in the past, stair retreat in volumes was exerted. Cutting the primitive volume and moving them vertically we earned two vertical volumes in two different levels. Thus, similar to inside of the project which two generations live together despite of differences, there is two parallel volumes on exterior face. In interior designing of the project , we had some efforts to design independent spaces, at the same time, provide the possibility to access each of these sections from inside of the project.

Nava, Amol, Mazandaran, Iran

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Ghasem Navaei founded his own JAJ office in 2017. He designed various projects with different utilizations such as villa, residental, apartments, commercial.

Author of the project
Ghasem Navaei

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